Up Antarctica 2010-2011 Slideshow

ANSMET 2010-2011

01-Ice shelve on way in
02-More ice on way in
03-view from Castle Rock
04-Mount Erebus from Castle Rock
05-Pressure rigdes near Scott Base
06-More pressure rigdes near Scott Base
07-On way to CTAM
08-On some Davis Nunatak (East of camp)
09-Camp from the some Davis Nunatak (East of camp)
10-Ice field with flags
11-Other Davis Nunatak (West of camp)
12-Ice crystals from inside crevasse
13-Ice field
14-Another ice field with flags
15-Moraine with flags (South of camp)
16-Windscoop with Inge for scale (SW of camp)
17-Some ice tectonic feature (NE of camp)
18-Fragment of 17
19-Same feature from top-back side
20-Moraine in front of Mount Ward
21-East of Mt Ward
22-Davis Nunataks from Mt Ward
23-Camp from Mt ward
24-Descent from Mt Ward
25-More Davis Nunataks from Mt Ward
26-More ice field
26-Swowscapes on the blue ice
27-Clouds over Ottway Massif
28-Foot of Mt ward
28-Snow blown of ridge
29-Layers in the rock
30-Joe searching
31-Bill searching
32-Ryan and Rhiannon searching
33-Bill on Skidoo with Davis Nunataks in background
34-More flags on the ice
35-Skidoos on the ice
36-Ice crystals with Mt Ward in backgound
37-Blue ice
38-On the way from camp to CTAM
39-On the way from camp to CTAM.JPG
40-View from McMurdo
41-Mirage, view from McMurdo
42-Icicles in McMurdo harbour
43-Adelie penguin on the move
44-b-Adelie & Weddell
45-Emperor penguins
46-Emperor penguins with Scott Base
47-Emperor penguins in line for pee flag
48-Emperor penguins & ice breaker

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