VAPoR award - 2007

© Inge Loes ten Kate

Awards and grants



2011 - NWO Grant: "The role of perchlorates in the preservation of organic compounds on Mars" (with Paul Mason, Utrecht University)

2011 - Moon and Mars Analogue Mission Activities (Science-PI, NASA ROSES)

2009 - Field Science Analogue Testing (PI, NASA ROSES)

2008 - Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development (Co-I, PI Daniel P. Glavin, NASA ROSES)



2011 - Antarctic Service Medal

2011 - NASA Group Achievement Award to ILSO-ISRU 2010 Field Test Team for "Outstanding efforts in support of the 2010 International Lunar Surface Operations In-Situ Resource Utilization Test"

2008 - Innovator of the year award with VAPoR team